DecentralFree Launches an Innovative Protocol to Revolutionize Global Collaboration

DecentralFree Unveils a Micro-Task System for Seamless Project Delivery.

DecentralFree, an innovative contribution protocol, is revolutionizing the way businesses collaborate and execute projects worldwide. This groundbreaking platform is designed to streamline cross-border collaboration, ensuring seamless project delivery and empowering contributors from around the globe.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, micro-tasks have become the norm. However, traditional tools and systems often prove inefficient, leading to missed deadlines and increased costs. DecentralFree seeks to redefine this paradigm by envisioning a future where contributors from diverse backgrounds can seamlessly join projects, receive payment in stablecoins or project-native tokens, and be trusted to deliver top-notch work.

DecentralFree leverages cutting-edge decentralized multichain technology to expedite project completion through token-funded micro-tasks. With DecentralFree, turning your ideas into reality becomes effortless, without the complexities of task delegation or talent recruitment.

Key Features of DecentralFree:

1. AI-Powered Job Opportunities: DecentralFree employs AI to create new employment opportunities.

2. Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time using DecentralFree’s chat feature.

3. Effortless Coding: DecentralFree’s web-based IDE simplified coding.

4. Kanban-Style Project Management: Streamline project management with DecentralFree’s Kanban-style approach.

5. AI-Based Matchmaking: DecentralFree ensures the fit for any job through AI-driven matchmaking.

Why Choose DecentralFree?

• Unlocking Efficiency: DecentralFree’s decentralized approach empowers organizations of all sizes to tap into unprecedented cost arbitrage, enabling faster and more efficient project completion.

• Fair Compensation: Operating on a commission-based model, DecentralFree ensures fair compensation by taking only a 10% commission, with 90% directly paid to contributors.

• Token-Funded Micro-Tasks: DecentralFree’s multichain protocol allows for the use of BVM-based token standards for micro-task funding, ensuring secure and efficient compensation for contributors.

• Micro-Task Flexibility: DecentralFree’s micro-task system enables decentralized task completion, with multiple contributors and flexible price-setting, selected based on quality and chronology.

• Utility-Based Model: DecentralFree’s utility-based model incentivizes token holders to stake FREELA tokens for task validation, ensuring system integrity.

• Multichain Technology: DecentralFree’s multichain technology ensures FREELA token omnipresence across multiple chains, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem.

FREELA Token Utility

DecentralFree leverages decentralized multichain technology to accelerate project delivery through token-funded micro-tasks.

In a landscape marked by uncertainty, FREELA STAKING offers a beacon of stability and tailored rewards. There’s an understanding that each investor’s goals and timeframes are unique. Therefore, the platform meticulously designed the staking program with flexibility in mind, providing three enticing options to cater to commitment level:

  • 5 Days Staking: Plant the seeds of growth for just 5 days, and watch the investment flourish with a generous 10% bonus.
  • 15 Days Staking: Extend each commitment to 15 days, and witness immense rewards soar to an impressive 25% bonus.
  • 30-Day Staking: For the most dedicated investors, embarking on a 30-day stake will yield an extraordinary 110% bonus, propelling returns to unprecedented heights.

But that’s not all. “We’re excited to introduce our Referral Link program, an initiative that empowers our community and rewards those who help us grow. A Referral Link is a unique web link provided by FREELA to our valued members. When you share this link, and someone else makes a purchase or takes specific actions through it, you, the sharer, will receive a remarkable 2% commission as a token of our appreciation. This is our way of saying thank you for contributing to the expansion of our family.

Referral links serve as the cornerstone of word-of-mouth marketing and showcase platform’s commitment to building a strong, engaged community.

With FREELA STAKING and our Referral Link program, we are taking another significant step toward empowering our community to achieve financial success and growth.”


  • Token Name: DecentralFree
  • Token Symbol: FREELA
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Token Network: BSC
  • Marketing Tax: 0/2% Buy – Sell

DecentralFree Phase Protocol

In Phase 01, the following key activities will take place: ideation and branding, formation of the core team, launching the website and social media channels, releasing the V1 Lite Paper, conducting the FREELA Pre-Sale, onboarding advisors, and establishing partnerships with venture capitalists (VCs), as well as launching an awareness marketing campaign.

In Phase 02, the following activities will occur: the launch of FREELA, listing FREELA on decentralized exchange platforms (DEX), onboarding influencers, getting listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC), appearing on Coingecko, releasing the Beta Version, launching the Staking Portal, and implementing a $10 Economy Marketing strategy.

In Phase 03, the plan includes releasing the Alpha Version, listing FREELA on centralized exchange platforms (CEX), launching the full product, implementing marketing strategies targeted at customers, making potential partnership announcements, and reaching the milestone of achieving 1,000 token holders.

In Phase 04, the objectives encompass reaching 5,000 active users, expanding the user base by onboarding new users and growing the ecosystem, launching the FREELA community, reaching 2,000 token holders, maintaining continuous marketing efforts, participating in events, and ultimately achieving a milestone of 10,000 active users.

About DecentralFree:

DecentralFree is a pioneering contribution protocol that facilitates seamless global collaboration and project completion through decentralized multichain technology and token-funded micro-tasks. At DecentralFree, we prioritize our community and aim to create a welcoming environment where like-minded individuals can connect and engage. Learn more at

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  3. Contact person: Benjamin Parker
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