Academic Labs Breaks New Ground with $AAX Token Reveal

Singapore – Dec 19, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – In a pivotal development poised to disrupt the Web3 educational sphere, Academic Labs has announced the introduction of its native token, $AAX, marking a significant rebrand from its original $ACAD token, as documented in its early whitepaper iterations. This change manifests at a crucial junction before the project’s Token Generation Event (TGE), set for the first quarter 2024.

Terry Tan, CEO of Academic Labs, elaborated on the decision, indicating that the renaming reflects a strategic alignment with the platform’s technological bedrock and long-term vision. The $AAX token symbolizes the integration of “AI And Web3(X)”—the core technologies that form the backbone of the Academic Labs initiative. The pronunciation of $AAX is X, symbolizing the unlimited future of the Crypto World.

“The rebranding to $AAX, before our Token Generation Event, is more than a mere change of nomenclature; it’s a reaffirmation of our mission to deliver an education system that’s not just contemporary but future-proof,” Tan articulated. “It is about setting the tone for what we stand for and the groundbreaking changes we aim to introduce in the educational landscape.”

The platform’s integration of Web3 technologies aims to forge a thriving ecosystem where educators and learners can engage and transact using $AAX tokens. This approach promises unprecedented transparency and efficiency in the educational content market space.

Academic Labs introduces a pioneering tokenomics model featuring $AAX and Educator, Learner, and Achievement NFTs. This model is designed to offer:

  1. Continuous learning incentives
  2. A precise, transparent pricing mechanism for educational resources
  3. Motivation for educators to enhance content quality

With a focus on areas such as Blockchain Programming, Cryptocurrency Trading, Business English, AI Start-up Methodologies, and Digital Marketing, Academic Labs targets critical skills that will empower the next generation of professionals. The platform’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence aims to personalize learning, making it more efficient and impactful for users.

As Academic Labs gears up for its Token Generation Event, the platform has begun seeding the market with high-quality educational videos on YouTube. This content serves as a precursor to the full suite of offerings that will accompany the launch of their MVP(Minimum Viable Product). Additionally, an airdrop event is in the planning stages, promising early users of the platform not only access to top-tier educational materials at no cost but also the opportunity to earn $AAX tokens.

In a forward-looking statement, Kingston Kwek, the founder of Academic Labs, has endorsed Academic Labs’ new token as a milestone in technology’s role in advancing human potential. Kwek asserts, “AAX, with two As in the front, shows the project’s commitment to excellence. It will also be among the top 5 Altcoins in Alphabetical Order. The pronunciation X also aligns with Elon Musk’s Twitter, showing the potential massive mass media appeal Academic Labs could have on online platforms.” Echoing this sentiment, partners at Academic Labs, Ken Nizam and Sky Wee of Asia Token Fund, highlight the token’s pivotal role in enhancing online education through Web3, an underserved area. Their collaboration signifies a significant leap forward for the industry, aiming to meld technological innovation with practical education.

The transition to $AAX from $ACAD is a calculated move to underscore Academic Labs’ intent to harness the power of AI and Web3 to create an unparalleled online educational experience. With the Token Generation Event on the horizon, Academic Labs is cementing its position as a trailblazer in the educational technology sector, reshaping how knowledge is consumed and valued in the digital age.

About Academic Labs

Academic Labs stands at the forefront of the educational revolution. By seamlessly integrating AI and blockchain technologies with gamified learning and its native token $AAX, it is redefining how knowledge and skills are acquired.

In a world characterized by constant change, Academic Labs exemplifies how AI and blockchain technologies are reshaping the educational landscape. Its approach offers an exciting journey for learners of all ages, providing opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge while enjoying the learning process. Welcome to the future of education with Academic Labs!

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