Coinweb Announces $10M Grant Program and Launch of Developer Tools

Grants will support developers who use Coinweb to build cross-chain services that broaden Web3 adoption into the mainstream

Hong Kong – Dec 13, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Coinweb, the interoperable layer-2 protocol, announces the launch of a $10 million grant program for developers who build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and Web3 services on its infrastructure platform.

The grants vary from small one-off grants to $300,000 depending on category, on the type of dApp and the stage of development. Core areas of focus for the grant program include DeFi, decentralized exchanges (DEXes), wallets, lending/borrowing, gaming, NFTs and SocialFi.

The Web3 industry is poised to break out and attract mainstream users, and Coinweb’s grant program will expedite that movement by providing grants to selected developers who commit to building on the Coinweb Protocol. To date, through 5 live dApps built on Coinweb in a permissioned state as proof of concept, the protocol has been responsible for a total of over 5.5m transactions written down to the underlying chains, from a total of 600,000+ unique users.

As a consensus-free computation platform rather than having its own blockchain, Coinweb allows developers to integrate with a large number of blockchains without losing the capability to target blockchain-specific communities. Through Coinweb’s L2, developers can launch blockchain-agnostic dApps on multiple blockchains as if they were one or automate the routing of traffic based on pre-set KPIs of the underlying chains.

The launch of the Coinweb Labs’ grant program coincides with the release of developer tools on the Coinweb Protocol for the first time following 6 years of closed-door development pulling the trigger on ecosystem buildout. Coinweb has signed agreements and built product on the platform for global enterprise brands including BMW, and now Coinweb’s rich functionality is available to external developers through SDKs that provide access to a dev portal supported by full documentation.

Coinweb is a rollup/bridge-hybrid that is connected to many different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, MultiversX, Kujira, and four more chains. Through its deterministic computational framework, it helps scale operations horizontally whilst relying on the consensus of the underlying blockchains.

Integration with the current production environment is immediately available through the production SDK, in addition to Dev Net where developers can build a wide range of dApps as well as get early access to new functionality such as reactive smart contracts, before these functionalities are released in production.

The current production SDK includes:

  1. Wallet-library
  2. Blockchain-agnostic tokenisation
  3. Cross-chain broadcasting system
  4. Gas Fee Abstraction
  5. Bonding Curves
  6. And more…

Dev-net functionality supports the development and deployment of smart contracts to the Coinweb WASM VM using a standard tooling framework with frequent additions of new platform features, making it the perfect starting point for developing next-generation decentralised applications, supporting a new level of trustless automation across blockchains through Coinweb’s unique reactive smart contracts and consistent cross-chain operations. Coinweb makes it possible for existing dApp models to be extended to work across a large number of blockchains, while also opening up for several new categories of use cases.

Dev Net Use Cases include but are not limited to:

  1. Blockchain Agnostic NFTs
  2. NFT Marketplace
  3. DEX
  4. Wallets
  5. Liquidity Pools
  6. DAOs
  7. Simple Blockchain Games
  8. Lending/Borrowing
  9. Yield Applications
  10. Derivatives (inc LSDs)
  11. Liquidity Managers
  12. Insurance dApps
  13. and more…

Grants are possible to apply for through both production-ready dApps as well as Dev Net dApps. To apply, visit or reach out to the team directly at For information on integrating with Coinweb, please visit

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