AMPEREChain Appears To Be Among Top Blockchain Projects BNB Whales May Loot-Out For: MUST READ!!!

It is not news again that Solana, Cardano, Avalanche and several other Blockchain projects positively turned financial status of early investors by creating numerous multi-millionaires in the crypto space. However, a recent analysis and predictions by a group of Crypto analysts and whales appears that AMPEREChain, a first public blockchain with Ampere D-QBFT consensus, privacy node for secure encrypted data sharing, Zero Transaction Fees, 1 Second Block Interval and 2 Mn TPS may repeat the historic event of creating a huge Return of Investments ROI for its early investors. One of the reasons for the predications was based on the fact AMPEREChain is the first privacy node enabled EVM in the crypto space.


In their analysis report shared in a private group by Crypto analysts and whales showed that AMPEREChain under the Environment for Developer

has free to use public node, free oraclize for off chain data access, zero transaction fee support, assistance validator setup, privacy node support for enterprise and while under Coins session, it was stated that the Native AMPERE coin can be used as primary coin for validator setup, main coin for all dapps developed on blockchain. These and more other interesting information about AMPEREChain made it stand out from the regular Blockchain projects seen in the Crypto sphere. 


Interestingly; a visit to project website showed that AMPEREChain is on a presale stage on the popular Pinksale launchpad and it literally has all the required badges ranging from SAFU, KYC, and Audit, which is a display of a high transparency level on the part of the team behind the project. The Presale Link below


While the presale is still ongoing, AMPEREChain Testnet is already LIVE and Mainnet is set to be LIVE by January 2024. AMPEREChain has an active Telegram group and twitter and other details can be found on its website https://amperechain and you are advised to do your due diligence before investing in any crypto project.


Other information gathered about AMPEREChain below.


Liquidity Locking : 3 Years(60% of liqidity)

Total Coins :  100 Millions

Public Sale + Liquidity: 90 Millions

Teams Coin: 4 Millions(Locked for year)

Airdrop Coins: 1 Millions(Locked)

CEX Listing Coin: 5 Millions(Locked)

Tax:  Buy Tax 2% & Sell Tax: 4%

Burn: Buy 1% & Sell 1%

KYC Country:  USA



Algorithm:  Ampere Decentralized Quorum Byzantine Fault Tolerance (D-QBFT)

Transaction Speed: Highest among all algorithms(92000 TPS and 2000000 TPS with optimization)

Transaction Fees: Accept zero transaction gas. Priority is fee based

Validator: 200000 AMP required for setting validator

Privacy Node: 500000 AMP required for setting validator + privacy node

Validator Rewards: 0.5 AMPERE per validated block with locking for 6 months

Decentralization:   Highest decentralized blockchain due to decentralization, delegation and    voting

Speed: 1 second block speed(highest among EVM chain) & possible to minimize in  milliseconds

Security:  80% validator confirmation needed. Other blockchain using 51% confirmation

Initial Supply: 100 Millions AMPERE Coins

Max Supply:  200 Millions AMPERE Coins(6.4 years for block rewards generation)


Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Vedh Consulting journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.


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