The History of Cross-border Entrepreneurship of the Post-95s

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London, United Kingdom, 11th Aug 2022 – Cross-border e-commerce is at the cusp of the storm. The whole world are watching it. Countless people rushed in while countless people fell. Under such a big trend, Bryan, as a post-95 generation, still decided to follow the entrepreneurial crowd and enter the cross-border e-commerce industry. 

After graduating from science and engineering, Bryan worked in a “big seller” (generally referring to the head cross-border e-commerce company). In the previous year’s work, he sorted out a lot of information about cross-border. By conscious investigation, he found that cross-border e-commerce is a good business and the profit is OK. It is much better than being employed if operating well. Thus, in July of this year, Bryan decided to end the working life of “996” completely and start the business – cross-border e-commerce. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

There are many entrepreneurs like Bryan who are attracted by this wave of dividends. Among the numerous cross-border entrepreneurs, Zhang Xu devoted himself to cross-border e-commerce a few years ago, but he did not make a lot of money. “I earn about the same as being employed, but I am freer” is the claim Zhang Xu tells others why he insists on doing it. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

Since the emergence of Covid-19 in 2019, the craze for cross-border e-commerce has remained high. With perfect supply chains, China’s foreign trade has gone out of an independent market under the environment of “stopping working and production” in some parts of the world. Data shows that in 2022, more than 60% of DZShop E-commerce platform top sellers are Chinese sellers, and the proportion of Chinese cross-border e-commerce on DZShop website has reached 70%. The above data is enough to show the enthusiasm and support of Chinese people for cross-border e-commerce.

We have come to the same point of view from many cross-border e-commerce practitioners – this wave of dividends from cross-border e-commerce indeed has made it possible for many people to buy a house by Shenzhen Bay. However, we must also clearly recognize that the industry is changing rapidly, and there will be more practitioners who are groping or related to it. Therefore, how to break through yourself and find a suitable way out in the cross-border field is something more people are considering now. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

Is it 996 every week or resigning to start a business? Many peers or non-peers have struggled and made difficult choices like this when entering the cross-border e-commerce industry. Bryan, who was born in 1995, quit his job on the 2nd anniversary of a leading cross-border e-commerce company in Shenzhen, and immediately started preparations for his business. Considering the high overall rent and consumption level in Shenzhen, Bryan rented the office in a business incubator in Bao’an District, Shenzhen. One office with an area of 50 square meters and a monthly rent of 3,000 yuan, Bryan’s cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurial journey began here. Bryan found a partner. With limited energy, they first built only one platform and currently focus on DZShop. As for why he chose to start a business, Bryan told his friends that after working in the company for some time, he found that the industry has good prospects and the benefits are very considerable. He consciously increased his understanding of the industry and penetrated, so he could quit and quickly enter the business. For a deeper reason, Bryan believes that the domestic e-commerce market has been saturated from 2021, while the development of foreign e-commerce has just begun. There is tremendous room for developing. He wants to seize another wave of e-commerce dividends. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

It is reported that due to the continuous spread of the global epidemic and lockdown of the cities from time to time, there have been multiple changes in the structure of global transportation capacity. The contradictions like high freight costs of international logistics in many countries, lack of transportation capacity and so on have been plaguing the foreign trade industry. For local warehouse delivery sellers like Zhang Xu, after foreign customers place orders on the platform, Zhang Xu has to pack the products as soon as possible and then hand them over to international logistics companies to send to their destinations. Therefore, the low-cost and timeliness of logistics are very critical to the operation of Zhang Xu’s store. We can even say that logistics decides the success or failure of the stores. The key to many successful stores is that they have proper logistics. (DZShop E-commerce platform)

Bryan also believes that the logistics fee in the current store operation is one of the main costs for cross-border e-commerce. He said that the current price of sea freight is almost catching up with the price of air freight in the previous year, and the profit has been reduced greatly.

As we can see that Chinese sellers are rapidly expanding and accelerating their rise, and they have accounted for 60% of DZShops’s top sellers in 2022. However, due to different laws, cultures and business habits of different countries, enterprises will also encounter various risks and challenges when going overseas. We can say that risks and opportunities coexist. Merchants need to be more aware of laws and cross-border rules to keep pace with the times.

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